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Brain Balance Center of Valencia (Valencia)

Brain Balance is a comprehensive program that combines physical and sensory exercises with cognitive skill training and healthy nutrition for kids ages 4 through 17. Each program is individualized to your child's specific needs.

Brain Balance’s coordinated program approach balances and synchronizes left brain/right brain interaction. The newly strengthened connections trigger advancements in behavior, social and academic performance.

The Brain Balance Program Addresses:

•Academic, Social and Behavioral Issues •Dyslexia •Processing Disorders •Tourette’s •Lack of Focus •Homework Struggles •ADHD •Family/Social Relationships •Trouble Making Friends •Sensory Integration •Tantrums •Learning Disabilities •Impulsiveness •Asperger's

Dr. Melillo, author and founder of Brain Balance Achievement Centers states:

"At Brain Balance Achievement Centers we believe that within every child resides the Body of an Olympic Athlete, The Brain of a Scientist, The Mind of a Poet, The Hands of an Artist, The Ear of a Composer, The Heart of a Saint. Never stop believing that your child has Unlimited Potential!"

We work with children who struggle academically, socially, emotionally or behaviorally. We assess to find if there is a developmental reason for the symptoms. We grow and develop areas of the child’s brain that are underdeveloped (without the use of medication) so that the struggles are elevated and the child matures and achieves more fully his or her potential. It is not about coping with the problem, it is about addressing it.

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