25Score Terms of Service

Using your 25Score Card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated on www.25Score.com.  Please read and abide by the membership terms & conditions in order to maximize your benefits.

25Score membership card, mobile applications, brochures and other printed materials are the property of 25Score. Reproduction of the contents of 25Score materials, in part or in whole are prohibited, unless written permission granted by 25Score.

1. MEMBERSHIP CARD. Your membership card is included in your 25Score Membership package. Your membership card is the property of 25Score and membership may be cancelled by 25Score at any time due to misuse. If you use a membership card that is not your own, or an expired membership card, it may be confiscated from you. You must present your membership card to receive your discount. If you do not have your membership card in your possession you will not receive your discount. You must show your membership card for every purchase or no discount will be given. If you forget to present your membership card until after the bill has been totaled, you may not be given a discount. (No retro-active sales or discounts.) Please show your membership card up front and before each purchase. 25Score is an individual card, not a corporate card. Read the restrictions of each merchant online carefully before you make your purchase.

2. TIPPING. Tips for restaurant service should equal 15% to 20% of the total food check before the applicable discount. Please remember that restaurant personnel rely on service tips for a large portion of their income.

3. DINING OUT. When two or more people dine together, the following applies:
a. There will be one bill for the table, no separate checks are allowed.
b. In all cases, please present your card before paying and you may choose to let your waiter know that you have a 25Score Card when ordering.  If ordering over the phone for pick up or delivery, you must let the restaurant know that you have a 25Score Card.  You may be asked to present your card when picking up your food or when the delivery person arrives to your home.
c. Two for one dining-when ordering two or more main course entrees or items, restaurant will deduct price of least expensive main course entree or item.
d. Dining at 50% off. - If offer states 50% off, receive 50% off entree of lesser value.
e. Dining limited to one card per group or family per visit in most cases.

4. HOLIDAYS. All major holidays (including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc.) may be excluded unless explicitly stated by the business.

5. OTHER PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNTS. 25Score membership may not be used with other promotions, sales, discounts, coupons, or combinations offered by the merchant unless otherwise stated. Read each merchant offer online carefully before you make your purchase and take note of the restrictions. There are no discounts on alcoholic beverages.

6. NON-LIABILITY. 25Score and/or its agents or employees will not be responsible if any merchant breaches its contract or refuses to honor the terms of any benefit. 25Score will, however, attempt to secure such compliance. 25Score and its agents or employees will not be responsible in the event of acts of God, fire, casualties, strike or other events beyond its control. 25Score shall have no liability to any member as a seller of any products or services, including, without limitation, any liability for those goods and services supplied by participating businesses. 25Score states that you (the member) enter participating businesses at your own risk and 25Score assumes no liability for alleged bodily injury or property damage from any accident, or mishap on the part of any participating business. 25Score shall not be liable and cannot verify the condition or safety of any participating business. 25Score and its agents shall be held harmless resulting from the acts or omissions of any participating business. 25Score's liability in all events to a member is limited to the amount paid for the membership. 25Score or its agents shall be held harmless for printing errors or omissions.

7. AVAILABILITY OF DISCOUNTS. All discounts for goods and services are subject to their availability by the participating businesses. 25Score reserves the right to eliminate participating businesses and benefits may change without notice. In the event goods or services are not available to the member, 25Score is not responsible for any refund due to the member but not paid because of the closure of the business or the discontinuance of its association with 25Score.

8. 25Score is not responsible for the claims of any advertisers and cannot guarantee the reliability or legitimacy of any business. 25Score recommends that you (the member) ask the business that you are considering for references, D.B.A., license #, and other professional trade references before entering into the transaction with the business.

9.  25Score is not responsible for the pricing, change of pricing, or surcharges from vendors selling eTickets on the 25Score website.  Any price that is quoted over the phone or on a written document posted on the 25Score website or mobile app is only a representative of what the price for an eTicket might be.  ETicket vendors change their pricing and policies frequently without notice.  25Score will do their best to post the most accurate information available.  

10. There is a $5 replacement charge for any lost membership card that has been registered on our website. 25Score at (661) 257-2673.

11. Any questions regarding the use of any membership should be directed to the merchant or to 25Score at (661) 257-2673.  Please contact our office immediately if you have a conflict or question regarding any merchant.