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Kidneys Quest Foundation Inc (Santa Clarita)

The Kidneys Quest Foundation is an outreach organization that is dedicated to families and individuals with kidney disorders and those in need of a kidney transplant.
•We have been helping, supporting and educating the community since 2007.
•We provide education seminars, patient support groups, dialysis support. Get patients on transplant list and more.
•The foundation works in several areas to help people that have a hard time dealing with their own conditions such as; dialysis support, counseling potential candidates for dialysis at home so they can have time available for employment, preparing renal patients to become and stay active on the kidney transplant list as a recipient. The goal is to support and direct kidney patients who have been diagnosed with a kidney disorder.
• We are here to simply provide next steps for our patients, support and provide resources. We are in this together!
KQF Programs
•The foundation provides guidance to individuals that are first diagnosed with a kidney condition.
•Support is given to every kidney patient through monitoring of treatment plans designed for their needs.
•Monthly support meetings are held to help kidney patients who look for support in the community
•Education programs, created for both children and adults, to bring awareness to the community about kidney disorders.
•Teaching new kidney patients on managing their own health records.
•Reaching out through fundraisers, health expos and public community events for possible kidney donors. Support and direct kidney patients on next steps to take after being diagnosed with a kidney disorder.
•Provide dialysis support education.
•Introduce new options to potential candidates for in-home dialysis, so they can have time available for employment.
•Prepare renal patients to become and stay active on a kidney transplant list.
•Assist renal patients in eating with enjoyment and providing menu options
•Offer kidney transplant support services
•Bring information to the community on how to become a living kidney donor; give the gift of life

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