25Score, 30 plus years of community partnerships

25Score supports, Schools, Nonprofits, local businesses, and local residences with our loyalty program.

25Score has been supporting the community since 1989. Over 3 decades. 25score has a loyal partner for Hundreds of Schools, Churches, Sports Teams, and local Non-Profits. Our local loyalty membership card allows our fundraising partners to raise money. 25Score raises awareness of many of the activities of our community Schools and local merchants. Our program allows for the merchants to give back to our loyal membership group a discount almost everywhere they go. Our members are Teachers, Moms, dads, students, owners. our members and merchants are our backbones. More than ever, we will be relying on all our members and merchants to help the community come back from challenges never before experienced. We truly believe the Higher tides lift all boats. If you need help patching your boat or need help bailing? We want to help. Please let us know it you may run aground and navigate to safe waters again. You belong in the 25Score.



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